About us

My name is Tamar Fridenson and I am the owner of Tamara Swimwear & Lingerie design.

When I was a little girl, my family and I would  travel each year to a different seaside town in the Middle East, there I always loved to dive for hours with my little snorkel and stare at the wondrous world under the water. Therefore, my parents gave me my nickname "The girl from the sea".

When I grew up I traveled to the beautiful mainland of South America and I fell in love with the colors, fabrics and patterns. There, I realized that my passion for fashion and my love for the sea have to go hand in hand together.

Soon after, I went to Milan and studied swimwear and lingerie design. I wanted to create something that would make women all over the world feel special.

As a woman,  I realized that people will always star at us, so we always want to look special, to be unique. I decided to design and product my personal style, things that I know I will feel proud and comfortable wearing them at the beach, and that will make me feel sexy and special.

I invite you to take a walk with me in the various beaches of the world, and fall in love with the quality swimwear and unique designs of TAMARA.